{Behad} Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Spoilers Written Update Future twist Story

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Watch! Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Spoilers Written Update Future twist Story   “Beyhadh” is a Hindi Thriller Drama Television daily soap serial.  It is full of family drama, suspense and a lot of interesting facts. In the last episode of this serial, we saw that Saanjh search any message in the Vandana’s gifted box. Then she gets a paper chit in which she gets a 5 no. mobile no. Then she decided to get covered the face of Maya to everyone. And she takes a friendship proposal in front of Maya. And says her yo forget everything that happened in past.


Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

Now,  in this episode, Saanjh is working on Vandana’s hints. For which she get remembers the first five numbers, that she already saw in the Maya’s phone. And after this, she also reminds the last five numbers that Vandana tell to her. After thinking a lot of time her mind hits by the name of Samay.  To know about this fact, she gets shocked to think the connection of Maya and Samay. Saanjh thinks that it means Samay is helping in Maya’s every plan. To think about this she crying a lot.

Then she is coming down into the hall room whereas she looks at Samay and Maya together. Both were talking to each other on their mobile phones. Then she is coming near to Maya where she says like if we start this game then also we have to finish this game as soon as possible. But here Samay suddenly cuts the call because he saw that Saanjh is coming near to MayaThenan he ask Saanjh that what will happen? And he thiks a lot of this.

At that time, Saanjh reply that nothing is happen, i am fine. but tears are not controlled in my eyes. Then Samay ask Saanjh that why are you crying? Then Saanjh says some hard that not only the hard workers were the winner also those people were the winner who became psyche behind their goals. Samay asks her that why she says like these type of words. What will happen to you? At that moment he hugs Saanjh and tell hime to come inside with him. Samy is recalling Maya’ss words in which she told him to call her in front of Saanjh becausee she comes to know everything about their connection soon.  At that Maya and Arjun are going in their home back.


Beyhadh (Behad) 10th May 2017 Future Twist

Here, inthe next episode of Beyhadh, Samay and Saanjh are coming at Maya’s house whereas Samay says to Arjun that you are thinks that i have some connection with Maya. That was totally wrong. Be cause here am confuse that i am having a connection with Maya. Arjun and Saanjh are looking towards Maya and Samay.  Even at that time Maya says to Arjun that Samay is right. Everyone gets shocked. So now we have to saw that what will happen in the next episode .

So stay with us for the more written updates of Beyhadh…

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