Behad Spoilers! Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Episode Written Updates


Behad Spoilers! Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Episode Written Updates –  Beyhadh is a Hindi Thriller Drama Television daily soap serial.  It is full of Drama, Suspense and the serial which is going to different shades of love- one is going by the obsession and the other is going by the selflessness and purity. The story of this serial is totally based on the Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh. And the story is based on the Maya’s mad love.

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In the last episode of this serial, we saw that Arjun says to Maya that you have arranged CCTV camera’s for me and now I am going with you then what does it need to stay here? Then Maya says that you are right, and now I am coming with you in the office and never leave you alone. Then Arjun asks Vandana that now what is she planned?

Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

In this episode, we saw that Vandana is behaving normally. And another side Maya and Arjun coming into the office and she makes a call to repair the CCTV camera’s right now. Than Samay is calling her back to back. She picks up the call and shouts that what is this? Why are you calling me again and again? Than Samay says to her that Saanjh is at your home from last night. To listen this Maya getting shocked and gets angry that comes outside. as soon she reaches in the home. Then she recalling all the moments that Vandana os getting so much smart that she Saanjh in her home.

Later Maya is coming inside the home and takes out the gun inside her purse. Here Saanjh email all the footage to her father, Samay, and Arjun also. when Maya shouts than Vandana comes out from her room and ask what is the sense of calling her mother? Then Maya asks that where is Saanjh. Vandana says that trust me Saanjh is not here. Also, Maya says that I am trying to become nice but all you people engaged me to go bad. Suddenly Maya shoots and that Vandana screams. She Saanjh’s mother calling Arjun to save Saanjh because she is in her home. Arjun is coming back to his home.

Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

Then Maya says that if you will not come to Saanjh out then I will shoot you. Here Saanjh is trying to transfer the file successfully. She is even working on her plan. Now Maya scared Vandana very badly that Arjun will hurt a lot but i will handle him. Finally, Saanjh is coming there in front of Maya. And says Maya that let Vandana aunty go inside. Then Maya says that you are our guest. She sits both of then on the chairs and ready to shoot out them. At that time Samay and Arjun are at the door. and trying to open the door.

In the next episode of this serial, we saw that Arjun and Samay are doing very hard just to open the door. Here Maya is scared Vandana and Saanjh very badly. Even she shoots Saanjh and then she screams. Then Arjun and Samay were getting scared to hear the bullet voice. Maya says that nobody will play with me and my feelings.

stay with us to know the story of the next episode of this serial… that

Will Maya kill her or not? Will Arjun save them?

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