Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Episode Spoilers Written Updates

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Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Episode Spoilers Written Updates : The “Beyhadh (Beyhad)” is as Indian Hindi Thriller Television daily soap serial. It is full of Drama, Suspense and the serial which is going to different shades of love- one is going by the obsession and the other is going by the selflessness and purity. The story of this serial is totally based on the Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh. So in the last episode of 10th may 2017 that Saanjh gets the doubt on Samay. that he is also a part of Maya’s plan. Beyhadh poster

Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Episode Spoilers

In the last episode,we saw that Saanjh is working on Vandana’s hints. For which she get remembers the first five numbers, that she already saw in the Maya’s phone. And after this, she also reminds the last five numbers that Vandana tell to her. After thinking a lot of time her mind hits by the name of Samay.  To know about this fact, she gets shocked to think the connection of Maya and Samay. Saanjh thinks that it means Samay is helping in Maya’s every plan. To think about this she crying a lot.

Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

Now today in this episode, When Arjun and Maya return home. than Vandana opens the door. Now Maya asks if she is happy, Saanjh’s plan is gonna successful. Arjun holds her hand and asks why? She says that now Saanjh is got engaged and now she moves in her life. Maya continuing taunting Vandana wrapping in words. On the other side, Saanjh looks at Samay sitting with Suman.

Than Saanjh realize that now he is talking about Maya. Than Saanjh says that he is tired. Bur Samay says that he want to spend some time with Sannjh. Then all of them leave both alone and go inside the home. Saamay walks towards Saanjh. Saanjh walks to her room and cries that why he did reject her for Maya. On Maya’s house, Vandana says her that what she tries to tell. Than Maya says that she made a mistake. Arjun ask what? Than Maya says that she did not switch off the AC and now she will be punished.

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Here Samay enters Saanjh’s room and listens to all talks of her. Then he asks that why she say so? Saanjh asks why did he betray her, what did she do to her. Maya troubles them so much. After this someone bells the door and then Maya opens the door and see Samay, She asks that what he is doing there. Samay says that everything is finished. He tells everything about Saanjh conversation that she made. She wants tells truth to everyone. He tells Maya that he do all things that she ordered, but not anymore.

Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

In the next episode, Saanjh is going to talk to Maya. She asks her that what is going in between you and Samay? Is everything alright? Then Maya replied that whatever you heard abut us I don’t care. At this Saanjh is getting shocked very badly and Then Arjun hears all conversation and starts to think.

Stay with us and see in next episode that …

whether Arjun confront Maya for this or not?


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