Watch Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates Spoilers Upcoming Twist

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Watch Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates Spoilers Upcoming Twist:  The Beyhadh (Beyhad) is as Indian Hindi Thriller Television daily soap serial. It is full of Drama, Suspense and the serial which is going to different shaded of love- one is going by the obsession and the other is going by the selflessness and purity. The story of this serial is totally based on the Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh. So in the last episode of 8th may 2017.

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates
Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Spoilers

we seen that Maya and Arjun are ready to go Saanjh’s engagement function. Where she Understand Samay to getting marriage with Saanjh. Maya says Samay that she loves Arjun very much and wand to live with him. At last Samay tells Maya that if she wants this then he do that for her. and after happen all these things when they go inside the function hall then Saanjh’s mother insults Maya and Arjun. At this Arjun gets very angry and call Maya that why we came there. so see the next story of this serial that what will happen.

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates
Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Updates

After getting insulted by Saanjh’s mother Suman, Arjun tries to leave with Maya. Saanjh holds his hands and says that she needs him always as whereas she ill be, and people can not understand their relationship, but she always wants to be his company. at this she hugs him. Maya getting jealous. Arjun gives Saanjh’s hand in Samay’s hand and says that now Samay give him Company forever. Samay comments on love to look Maya in front of him. Arjun give Vranda’s gift and says that ma gave it. Saanjh thinks that may be Aunty gave any message in it. She goes to the bathroom and trys to search the message in the box, but she does not found anything. Vandana the other side tells Jahnvi that Saanjh will read the her message and give any hint to her, then she will search evidence against Maya to prove Ayan’s innocence.

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Maya searches Saanjh and asks guest that where she is? And then they tell her that she go to her room. Saanjh find no message in the gifted box. then she prays god to help. Box slips from her hand and she sees a paper coming out. She thanks god and reads Vandana’s message. In this message it is written that Maya gets a call at a particular number and write 5 digits of that no. She says that If she gets signals then she will start searching evidence for Ayan, She just has to keep Maya away from mobile so that she does not get check the CCTV footage.

Maya walks into her room searching Saanjh. She comes out. Maya says that be careful. Saanjh ¬†says to Maya that it is her house. Maya gets into washroom and finds that some gift wrap’s pieces there. Saanjh takes guest Khanna aunty’s mobile and calls Vandana. Vandana asks her that why she call, also Maya will check her call log. Saanjh says that she calles from Khanna aunty’s mobile and asks her to start her job. Saanjh tells Maya that she wants to forget eveything and start be with a friendship again. Arjun watches all the rushes around and holds Saanjh hand and congratulate. And says Maya to be let go there. but Maya wants to see their engagement.

Suman asks Saanjh and Samay to exchage the rings. But Samay shows his injured hand. Samay says that he cut his finger while cooking. Maya says that Samay can put the ring in another finger. At this Suman says that whoever try to come in between Saanjh and Samay will have to bear her slap. Saanjh put the ring in another hand And Samay also change the ring. After this Saanjh asks Maya to steal her Husband for few mints for dance. But Maya says that not for a mint or for a second and through her hand. And says that she should dance her fiance first.

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

Maya is working on Vandana;s hints. for which she remembers the first five numbers which she already saw the first five numbers which she already saw on Maya’s phone. Suddenly, her mind hints by the name of Samay. Than she get shocked to think about the connection of Samay and Maya.

Will she come too know about the desperate love of Samay for Maya? stay with us for mor written updates and future twist.


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