Maya reveals the Mystery of Ashwin’s Murder: Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Update

Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Update

Maya reveals the Mystery of Ashwin’s Murder: Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Update –  The Beyhadh (Beyhad) is as Indian Hindi Thriller Television daily soap serial. It is full of Drama, Suspense and the serial which is going to different shades of love- one is going by the obsession and the other is going by the selflessness and purity. The story of this serial is totally based on the Maya, Arjun, and Saanjh. So in the last episode of 8th may 2017.


Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

In this episode we saw that Samay and Maya get argument to each other and then Samay says to Maya that the truth is the truth, no one can change this. But now you just think that if I was guilty then why I will give you an explanation. After that Samay is getting at that place. Here Saanjh is gets very hurt and feel very bad. On the other side, Suman and other family members were waiting for Samay. When he reach there, then Suman asks him that where is Saanjh?

Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Written Update

At this, Suman says to Samay that now we all know that both of you were get engaged and now you are going outside like this but still we all were waiting for you. Then Samay is going inside. And Saanjh is also coming there. Tan Suman asks here that what is going on? Saanjh said that nothing, I am fine. She is going Inside and stops Samay for packing his bag and leave there. Later she says to Samay that I got you a long time. So, now i am not wanted to let you go from my life so easily.

At this, Samay and Saanjh hug each other. On the other side, Maya is crying and says to Arjun that she always tries to make people happy. But whereas she failed to do this. Then Arjun says that I know everything about this that you don’t hurt anybody. And Arjun says, Maya, that I also think wrong about you and Samay. Then Maya says to Arjun that she loves only him. Arjun says to her that he also loves her a lot. And also says that he never leave him alone. Then both hug each other.

Beyhadh 12th May 2017 Spoilers

In the next episode of this serial, we have seen that Maya is talking to someone in her room. Then she told him that she have killed only Ashwin only for the good of Arjun because he was also trying to kill my Arjun. So, I have killed him and finished everything to make my Arjun happy. Later to listen to this all conversation Vandana is getting shocked. Whether Vandana will expose Maya in front of the entire family?

Stay with us to see more updates and a future twist of this serial.

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