Sunday Spoilers: Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

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Sunday Spoilers: Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Written Updates –   Colors Popular show Naagin, which is aired on every weekend was got the roll up. Mouni Roy (Shivanay), Adaa Khan (Sesha)and Arjun Bijlani (ritwik) were in the lead roles in Naagin. Still, the show has ended on May. And which is return with season 2, Naagin 2 is the second installation of most watched drama series Naagin by Ekta Kapoor in the second installation of Naagin. Which is more interesting and having a lot of suspense. This time Naggin 2 is full of revolution. Now see the episodes of this serial to know more story.

Sunday Spoilers: Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Written Updates
Sunday Spoilers: Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Written Updates

Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Spoilers

In the last episode of this serial, we saw that Yamini is get worried to see the changes in Rocky. Then she goes to a magician lady to know about all this. Then the lady gives her a ring and says her to wear it in Rocky’s hand. Yamini asks how it works than the lady wear it herself and then she gets faint. Then a bird comes out of the ring. the lady is showing the power of the ring to Yamini.

At this, the lady said Yamini to wear it to Rocky and then it will tell you everything about Rocky’s power. At home, Rocky is getting angry to talk to someone and this Yamini says that what will happen beta? and says that nowadays you are getting so much hyper. And then she gave the ring to Yamini and says that I meet a guru Ji and he says it to wear you. Than Rocky is denying to wear it. now see that actually what will happen in this show?

Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Written Update

In this episode of this serial Rocky’s sister comes there and says that today is matched by our competitor. She is trying to convince to Rocky for the match. Than Rocky says ok. Now Rocky, Shivangi, and all the members are reaching in the basket ball court. most interesting is that  Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor meet to the Rocky. Rocky’s sister meets them to Rocky and says that he is my brother is a basket ball champion. Here Shradha and Arjun comes there for the promotion of their film. After this, all were start playing. Than Arjun ask about Bua ji and all. He asks for Shivangi that she is not playing the match. Here Arjun says to Shivangi that you are the full girlfriend of Rocky than why are you not playing the match.

Shivangi thinks that today the kanchuli will release out from Rocky’s body. so she can’t play the game. She ignores them says that to Arjun she is not well so she go for rest. Rocky is watching to Shivangi. And her she thinks that before Rocky will release the kanchuli she has to do something.  On the other side, Mitali is saying that come on rocky. And here Shivangi thinks that how she take Rocky away from these all.

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Rocky’s sister says that Bhai they are going so fast compare to us. Suddenly Shivangi brings Rocky inside the room because he can leave his kanchuli anytime. Shivangi tries to hide Rocky’s reality to all that he is a snake. She comes him here so he can leave his kanchuli successfully without any problem. then she feels that the time is finally coming when he is leaving his kanchuli. Then she goes outside the room.

Later, after some time, Rocky wakes up and feels a lot of pain in his arm than he starts crying very loudly. suddenly, Shraddha Kapoor is coming there and says that what happens? Rocky says that I don’t know. I feel very pain in my arm when I wake up. Than she taking Rocky in the Hospital. But someone kills the driver and then she drive the ambulance herself. Here Kamini, and all other people come behind the ambulance. Then one of the women asks Shraddha Kapoor that is Arjun is your friend and I know that you belong to be a big business family. Than Shraddha Kapoor thinks that is she know everything about me and Arjun. Here Shivangi is coming here to meet Guru ji in the Shiv Temple doing havan. and she is getting happy to this that Shesha is taking away Rocky with her.

Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

Here Today in this show, Rocky is present in the Shiv Mandir and he is in snake avatar. Than Rocky is getting shattered very badly to see all of this. He is shouting hard and asks Shiv ji that why he do all this to me? He is screaming very badly. he is not in the away to think and accept anything that is going on.

So to that will happen in the next episode, stay with us and see the written updates and future twists…..


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