Watch Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Spoilers Written Updates Future Twist Story

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Watch Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Spoilers Written Updates Future Twist Story : Here, first of all, we discuss Beyhadh story. The Beyhadh is an Indian Hindi Thriller Television daily soap serial, which was started from 11th October 2016 on Sony Entertainment Television and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The Serial is Produced by Cinevistaas Limited of Prem Krishan Malhotra and Sunil Mehta. Also in this serial, Kushal Tandon, Jennifer Winget, and Aneri Vajani are Playing the lead roles. But the most important thing about the serial is that Tandon is be seen playing a dual role. Also to keep your interest in this serial and show daily written update episode of this serial.

Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Spoilers
Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Spoilers

Beyhadh (Behad) Story Cast:

  • Jennifer Winget is playing a character of Maya
  • Kushal Tandon is playing as Arjun
  • Aneri Vajani is playing as Saanjh
  • Kavita Ghai is playing a role of Maya’s mother
  • Sachin Tyagi
  • Dhruv Thukral is playing as Siddharth

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Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Spoilers

Beyhadh (Behad) is a romantic thriller daily soap Sony TV serial which is going to showcase two different shades of love – the first one is going by obsession and the other one is by selflessness and purity. It is the story which is totally based on Maya, Arjun and Saanjh whereas Maya is an insomniac sociopath and Arjun is her boyfriend. Apart from this, Saanjh is a lawyer in this serial. To know more about this show daily episodes and future twists off Beyhadh.

Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Written Updates
Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Written Updates

Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Written Updates

After all when Maya convince Arjun to get ready for the Saanjh’s engagement. And finally, both were ready to get for Saanjh’s engagement. Now there were all the people are very happy and start to dance in an engagement function on a song,”Nachde Ne Sare Ban Than Ke, Aaj Ban Than Ke.” Samay is looking at them and thinks that he loves only Maya and that’s why did not get engaged with anyone else. Then he is coming out of the function hall. He finally set up his mind that he can’t do this engagement.

Suddenly Maya is coming there and hold his hand, and says that what will happen? At this Samay says to Maya that he loves her so much that he can’t do this engagement. and can’t live with anyone else. Maya says Samay that she loves Arjun and she wants to give him one more chance. If he will reject me then I will come back to you. So now you have to be getting engaged with Saanjh.

Here she is trying to make him ready for marry with Saanjh at any cost. Samay says that if you want this, then I will be ready for this engagement. Suddenly Arjun comes there and Maya gets shocked very badly. But Arjun comes there and catches her in his arms to close he back buttons. Maya is very happy to see all this. after this, they go inside the function hall whereas Saanjh’s mother does their insult. Then Arjun asks Maya that may why we coming there…….

Beyhadh 8th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

When Arjun and Maya gives a gift to Saanjh which was given by the Vandana for her. Saanjh opens up the gift that was given by Vandana in which she reads out like there are a lot of CCTV camera’s  all around in her house every time. Maya makes a call to Vandana and asks her to work as soon as possible, Even she will easily handle Maya here in the function. But still when Saanjh looks behind than she looks that Maya is standing there. She says to Saanjh that it is not so easy to handle me as possible she think….

Stay with us to See more written and future twist update episode of Beyhadh (Behad)…

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