Watch! Ishaqbaaz 16th May 2017 Spoilers Episode Written Updates


Watch! Ishaqbaaz 16th May 2017 Spoilers Episode Written Updates –  The “Ishqbaaz” is an Indian thriller drama television daily soap serial. In this serial Nakuul, Mehta, Kunal, Jaisingh, and Leenesh Mattoo which were cast as Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra, the three heroes of the Oberoi family. Basically, the show is based on the tale of the three brothers, they were very faithful to each other and loved also. Ishaqbaaz is a youth based show in this show, all the three character played as a tree different roles.


Ishaqbaaz 16th May 2017 Spoilers

In the last episode of this serial, we saw that When Anika meets her mother she hugs her and feels a feeling like a mother love. At this Pinky is getting emotional and says that I get a little emotion to see a mother love for her daughter after getting so many years. After this Pinky says to Shivay to touch Naintara’s feet because she is your mother-in-law.

Ishaqbaaz 16th May 2017 Episode Written Update

In this episode, we saw that Shivaay is coming in his room and asks Anika that why is she behaving like this? She is her mother and she has no right to judge someone like this. At this Anika says that she is not my mother and so i can’t see her like be my mother. On the other side, Pinky supports Naintara because she forget their plan and that’s why she forget to take temple’s name to leave her. And than Naintara says sorry to her. But they are coming outside in the Shivaay’s room. and Anika says that she is not my mother.


At this Shivaay says that what can I do to prove this? Than Anika says that don’t know anything but i just want to be proof. Than shivaay says that ok fine, we will go for DNA test now you are happy. Anika says that yes. Shivaay says I have one more better idea and that is, If she is really your mother than definitly she have all your childhood items related to you.

On the other side, Kamini is saying to Ranveer that you should go to talks Priyanka again. Specially you have to win her heart at any cost. Than Ranveer says that how is possible? she is very upset. Than Kamini says that I saw her from the time when she came back to the London. She is trying to become strong but still she is very weak inside as earlier. So that you have to handle all these situation again. this is only because she is the only one of the person through which we can revenge to the Oberoi family.

Ishaqbaaz 16th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

In the next episode of Ishqbaaz, here Kamini is saying to Ranveer that you have to go and talk to Priyanka in a better way again. And Shivaay says to Anika that it’s already proved that Naintara is not your mother. She was only joking and make fun of the word “MAA”.  But now it is over and i will get the revenge her about this jock. Than Anika says that yes, I am with yours. Than Anika thinks that if he is getting so much angry on this truth than how he will be react on Mahi’s truth.

Also stay with us for more updates and future twists of this serial.

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