Watch! Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Spoilers Written Updates Future Twist


Watch! Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Spoilers Written Updates Future Twist : Here, first we discuss the story of  “Ishqbaaaz”. The “Ishqbaaaz” is an Indian thriller drama television daily soap serial. It is started on 27th June 2016 only on Star Plus from Monday to Friday. In this serial Nakuul, Mehta, Kunal, Jaisingh, and Leenesh Mattoo which were cast as Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra, the three heroes of the Oberoi family. Basically, the show is based on the tale of the three brothers, they were very faithful to each other and loved also. Ishaqbaaz is a youth based show. in this show, all the three character played as a tree different roles.

Ishqbaaz poster

Ishqbaaz Star Cast

  • Nakuul Mehta  as   Shivay Singh Oberoi
  • Kunal Jaisingh  as  Omkara Singh Oberoi
  • Leenesh Mattoo  as  Rudra Singh Oberoi
  • Surbhi Chandna  as  Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
  • Neha Lakshmi lyer  as  Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi
  • Shrenu Parikh  as  Gauri Kumari Sharma

Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Spoiler

According to the story of this serial, All the three brothers – one is an artist, one is fitness and the last one is a business person. The most amazing part of Ishaqbaaz is that it is a multi starter show. The tagline of this show is very interesting “Ek Doosre Ke Zaroori Hissey Hai, Yeh Ek Kahaani Ke Kissey Hai”. They don’t get against to one another. They support and fight for each other. To show the interesting story of Ishaqbaaz see the written update and future twists.

Oberoi's brother

Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Written Updates

In this episode of Ishaqbaaz, Anika confronts Mahi. He shouts that Pinky is not Shivaay’s mother. and then Naintara says that I am Anika’s mother, I dance in a dance bar. At this everyone gets shocked. After some time Anika says that you and Shivaay are a twin brother. I have proof, DNA test result. Then he says that I am a drainage insect, he is a king. I am poor, he is rich. The whole family loves him you also there for him. And says i understand the situation when you feel alone, then I feel like an orphan, I went through this pain.

Shivaay says you that you have told interviewers, why you came here. The reporter says that why you don’t tell about your wife then he says that it is none of your business. but she is from a decent and respectable family. Anika asks Mahi to come with her, his family does not know about him.. Mahi says they should not know, else it will be Shivaay’s Ganga ram. She asks why, it’s not about Shivaay, it’s all about you too, that’s your real name and place.

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She asks him to remind for his mother, who does not know that she had a son. One gets mother’s love and another don’t get a chance to call her mother. So she says that she is your mother if you say her once she will just hug you. At this Mahi says that no, I won’t give a chance. at this Anika says, that I know that you are angry, but still, she is your mom. then Mahi says that she is only Shivaay’s mom. Shivaay says Naintare is Anika’s mother, And also reporters claim that she is your mother in law. Shivay walks down to Naintara and says I have to talk to you, come here.

Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Future Twist

Here, Shivay and Anika see each other. He sees Naintara there in the way.  Naitara asks Anika for Pinky’s room. Anika says that it is that way, did you comes to meet Pinky. Naintara says that no, I came here to meet my daughter, who are you.

Stay with us and see more interesting episodes of this serial with written updates and future twists….


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Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Episode Spoilers Written Updates

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