Watch! Ishqbaaz 11th May 2017 Episode Spoilers Written Updates


Watch! Ishqbaaz 11th May 2017 Episode Spoilers Written Updates :¬†Ishqbaaz” is thriller drama Hindi serial. This show is full of suspense and newly twists in daily episodes. In the episode of this serial, we saw that there are three brothers that can do anything for each other and have are very caring for every person around them. They love to each other so much that they can do anything for their family. So now we saw that what will happen today in the episode of this serial.


Ishqbaaz 11th May 2017 Episode Spoiler

Here in this serial, Anika is getting tensed and thinks how will she introduce Mahi in front of the whole Oberoi family. And thinks that what will she to do? Then she makes a call to Omkara and said him to come there. After this Omkara ask Anika that what will happen? Then Anika says to Omkara that now she feels very weak and headache. so she thinks that if she gets faint than someone there must present to handle her.

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Ishqbaaz 11th May 2017 Episode Written Update

Now in this show, we saw that Omkara ask Anika that Is everything fine? Anika replies that yes everything is fine, now I want to go back to home. So Omkara replied that Ok, fine. So lets us proceed to the home. Now Anika sits inside the car and thinks that the matter is so critical and that is why she must have to take an action carefully at every step. And about she thinks a lot of time.

On the other side, Shivaay says to Pinki that how is she now coming here? That Pinky Says that Naintara is Anika’s mother and this all happen only because of you and only of you. At this, Shivaay says to Pinky that you have thrown this Naintara out from this house right now without doing any wait. Then Pinky says ok. Let me talk to her. Pinky is going outside in the house and says to Naintara that you should go from here. At this, Naintara says ok and get ready for her packing. In frustration, Pinky says to Naintara that I give you a lot of money and after that you just leave my home. You have to stay here and creates so much drama. And even you have to meet Anika at any cost. Naintara says ok.


In this show, Anika and Shivaay are looking at each other. Naintara asks Anika to the way of Pinky’s room. Anika asks her that who are you? Then she replies that myself Naintara and I come here to meet my daughter. Anika guiding her the way of Pinky’s room. and looks her continuously.

Ishqbaaz 11th May 2017 Episode Future Twist

In the next episode of this serial here, Anika comes to know about Naintara and she asks Shivaay to meet her. After this Shivaay says no and even he denied Anika to meet her. Then Anika says that It means Blood, family, and all are coming in between this. So that is why are denying me to get meet with Naintara. Than Shivaay says that I do not mean that. Then Anika asks him, that now what do you mean? tell me clearly.

So to know the story of next episode see the written update and future update of this show…


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