Watch it now! Salman Khan’s Movie “Tubelight” Teaser is Out

Watch it now! Salman Khan's Movie "Tubelight" Teaser is Out

Watch it now! Salman Khan’s Movie “Tubelight” Teaser is Out :-    The much-awaited teaser of Salman Khan’s film  “Tubelight” is finally out and is indeed fresh and blissfully captivating. And we can say that this movie is spectacular! Because the superstar Salman Khan is seen in a newer avatar that we had never seen before in any other movie.

The actor plays a native character about Laxman in the film who believes that in every human being faith is like a tubelight, still, it takes the time to be slow to light up but when it does, it illuminates everything around it and leaves the darkest sight forever.As the wait of the people for the Sino-India war to get over continues, the existence of hope is all that keeps them going in their life. So it learns that everyone should not give up their hope they still fight for their rights. And that one thing makes this movie more excited and interesting. And this movie resolves around unfortunate facts between two countries and ‘faith’ that one day it will ends. So to know more about Salman Khan’s character you should gotta watch the “Tubelight” movie teaser…


Tubelight Movie Teaser HD Video

The Teaser begins with an announcement that is made on All India Radio regarding the heavy bombardment that happened on Indian posts Killing 264 soldiers. This is soon followed with a striking visual of Salman Khan and his young young co-star Matin Ret Tangu and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. Sequences featuring Mahatma Gandhi and a huge group of kids saying ‘Jale Ja’ add more power to the teaser. But what is even more interesting is the way Salman acts, and his Dialogue …..

Yakeen tubelight ki tarah hota hai. Daer se jalta hai par jab jalta hai full light kar deta hai captures the essence to the film.

In this movie, along with Salman Khan also such a person that grabbed our eyes is the child artist, who is looking such a cute and innocent. The story with this “naughty and sweet” child remind us of Salman’s Amazing Chemistry with Munnni (played as Harshaali Malhotra) in Bajarngi Bhaijaan and how it became the talk of the town. The film also stars Sohail Khan and late actor Om Puri. Slated for an Eid release, Tubelight has certainly got the attention of audience with its touching trailer.

 ‘Tubelight’ is released on  25th June 2017

Now Salman Khan’s film “Tubelight” increase slowly slowly the interest of audience to take this film. It release a new poster which shows that how much efforts they did for this movie.

Tubelight film new poster

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